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Town of Troy residents are committed to managing residential development in a manner that preserves some of the best farmland in western Wisconsin and encourages the creation of permanently protected, environmentally sensitive open spaces. This is accomplished through a unique Farmland Transfer of Development Rights program (TDR) and through a subdivision ordinance that promotes cluster development.

The Town of Troy has been recognized by the State of Wisconsin as a leader in the preservation of farmland. This preservation is being accomplished through a market driven Transfer of Development Rights (TDR) program that uses no public funding. To date, the Town has over 900 acres of farmland under permanent conservation easement. This is land that will be green space forever. If the Town can implement its long term plan, without intervention from surrounding cities, the Town will ultimately preserve over 10,000 acres of prime farmland, parks, open space, and conservation areas. This permanent preservation program is succeeding where many others have failed. By addressing the concerns of all stakeholders, residents have embraced a common vision for a unique blend of residential and agricultural land use.

In addition to our premium farmland, the Town of Troy is blessed with tree covered rolling hills and over six miles of lower St. Croix River shoreline. It is a community where people want to live because of this natural beauty. Because Troy is located within 25 miles of the Twin Cities (Minneapolis – St. Paul) there is significant pressure for developing new residential subdivisions. During the last five years, Troy has been one of Wisconsin’s fastest growing communities, and also has the highest per capita income in St. Croix County. This residential growth has been managed within the framework of an outcome based Subdivision Ordinance that promotes cluster development and the permanent preservation of open space. The Town’s Comprehensive Plan projects a final population of between 13,000-15,000 residents. The present equalized value of the Town is over $700,000,000. In addition, the Town takes its stewardship of the scenic Lower St. Croix River very seriously and administers its own River Way Ordinance.

Troy is a planned community, with a unique vision. It is a vision that builds on the natural beauty of the area. It saves the best farmland. It promotes vibrant cluster development, with large areas of open space; and its vision has been and will be financially supported by market forces, not local tax payer dollars.