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Post Office guidelines for placing mailboxes

Utility Companies

  • St. Croix Gas          715-425-6177
  • Xcel Energy            800-895-4999
  • St. Croix Electric     715-796-7000

Garbage Haulers

  • Waste Management                     866-733-7340
  • Paul's Industrial Garage (PIG)      715-792-5209
  • Advanced Disposal                       888-459-3933

Cable Internet Service Provider

  • Baldwin Lightstream      877-684-3346  (also provides local phone service and cable)


For Satellite internet and other phone services, please reference your local listings. 

As a new resident you'll want to refer to the "Animal Control" tab on the left for information on licensing your dog and the "Election Information" tab for information on voter registration and the polls.