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See St. Croix County Recycling Program

(For Town Residents Only)

Location: Northeast corner of Townsvalley Road & Chinnock Lane
Hours of Operations: Tuesday & Thursday afternoons from 1 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.
                                     Saturday from 8 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.  Phone: 715-425-6586

Garbage - Fee Charged

  • $ 2.00 per 30 gallon bag; $75.00 for a 50 punch punchcard, $5.00 for wood pallets, loose trash-an estimate will be given on site.

Aluminum - No Fee

  • Aluminum cans are collected.

Metals - No Fee

  • Metals & tin are collected in dumpsters.
  • Please remove handles/wheels and anything non-metal before placing in dumpster.
  • Tin Cans - please rinse and remove labels. Dirty cans are not accepted.

Plastics --No Fee                               

  • # 1 and #2 Plastics are accepted.  Remove caps and rinse plastic container.

Glass -- No Fee

  • Brown, Green and Clear glass (bottles and jars) is collected.
  • Not Acceptable:  Ceramic glass not accepted.

Paper & Corrugated Boxes -- No Fee

  • Office paper collected in barrels. No need to presort.            
  • Corrugated boxes, magazines, shiny paper and cereal boxes are accepted.

Furniture -- Fee Charged

  • $10.00 Standard Couches; $15.00 Sleeper Sofa; $5.00 Chairs; $15.00 any size Mattress or Boxspring.

Appliances -- Fee Charged           

  • $20.00 Refrigerator/freezer; $10.00 Stoves; $10.00 Microwave
  • $20.00 Freezer; $175.00 Gas Refrigerator.
  • $10.00 Hot Water Heater; $10.00 Dryers; $10.00 Washing Machines; $10.00 Water Softener; $10.00 Dishwasher.
  • $15.00 Air Conditioner; $10.00 Dehumidifier; $5.00 Humidifier
  • Other appliances - Estimate will be provided onsite prior to disposal, minimum of $10.00.

Construction Waste--Fee Charged

  • Accepted: sheetrock, shingles, wood, bricks and construction waste are accepted.
  • $5.00 Sinks; $5.00 Toilets.
  • A dumpster is provided. An estimate will be provided on-site prior to disposal, minimum of $25.00.
  • Cement accepted with limitations.

Yard Waste -- Not Accepted           

  • No yard waste accepted. No tree limbs, leaves, or grass.
  • See St. Croix County's Yard Waste/Composting site for information on composting options.

Electronics -- Not Accepted           

  • The Town does not accept computers, printers, fax machines, TVs or anything electronic.

Automotive Wastes -- No Fee

  • Used Oil.  Batteries. Antifreeze is NOT accepted.

Clean Up Day           

  • The Town does not have an annual clean up day. St. Croix County holds an annual spring clean up day.


  • Passenger and Truck Tires only - $4.00 off the rim, $6.00 on the rim.