Aluminum Cans at Recycling Center: NOTICE: Effective IMMEDIATELY  - Please sort recyclable materials.   As the Town of Troy continues to provide and operate the Town Recycling Center to the Residents of Troy, residents are being asked for help and support.  With the rising costs and loss of funding through grants, the Town of Troy is looking for other options to help raise money without increasing the costs of disposal to you, the residents. One very simple way to help, is to separate your aluminum cans from your other recyclable materials and place the aluminum cans in the trailer provided at the Town Recycling Center. Thank you for your cooperation in separating and recycling your aluminum cans.

Town of Troy

2022 Town of Troy and United Fund Annual Meetings – April 19th

The 2022 Town of Troy Annual Meeting will be Tuesday, April 19th at 7pm and will be held as a hybrid meeting meaning you can attend via zoom or in person at the town hall.  The United Fund – Town of Troy Annual Meeting will begin at 6:30pm and will also be held as a hybrid meeting.