Dog Licensing Late Fees to Start Soon: Avoid a penalty for licensing your dog late.  The deadline for 2023 dog licenses is April 1, 2023, after that date a $5 per dog fee is added to the licensing fee.  Citations for unlicensed dogs may be issued if your dog is unlicensed.  A dog license is a great way to get your pet back home if leave home.  

Town of Troy

Center for Voter Information – Absentee Application Mailing

Recently a mailing from the Center for Voter Information was sent out to residents across the state of Wisconsin.  This mailing did not orginate from the Town of Troy, however, it is the correct form to request an absentee ballot.  This form is correct and legitimate.  If  you choose to vote in person, whether absentee or at the polls, that is still a very viable option.   The mailings are sent out to remind voters of other options for voting.  

If you choose to send back the application to the office, please fill in as much information as possible.  Also, in order to process the application a copy of a valid photo ID MUST be included.  Please remember that if you request a ballot for the calendar year and fail to return a ballot, you will be removed from the next election per state guidelines.