Blue-Green Algae Blooms in St. Croix River: St. Croix Public Health reported blue-green algae blooms in the St. Croix River near at Pemble’s Access in the Town of Troy on July 13, 2022. They recommend avoiding swimming in the area until water conditions improve. The town will continue to monitor the water quality in this area. See link below for more information.,water%20quality%20in%20this%20area.

Town of Troy

Re-Evaluation Year- Bowmar Appraisers in Town of Troy

Bowmar Appraisal is continuing their appraisal assessments throughout the township.  We wanted to let residents know that they are in the area.  There will be company magnets on cars, workers with Bowmar will be wearing name badges and will have business cards &/or letters from the Town Hall.  If you are unsure of someone at your residence, please ask for verification.