Glover Park Construction Projects: Construction will begin on Monday, September 19 to restore and upgrade Omaha Access from Omaha Rd into Glover Park on the town’s public easement.   Excavation work will begin on Tuesday, September 20 at the South Ball Field to level the field and may take up to a week.  Please beware of heavy equipment in the two areas.  

Town of Troy

Badger Book – New to Elections

Town of Troy has upgraded to electronic poll books rather than paper poll books. This upgrade makes check in times faster, chance for errors less, and making updates to voter registrations easier.  A very successful Primary Election introduced voters to Badger Book on August 9, 2022.  Voters and election inspectors alike are very pleased with the efficiancy.  The link provided shows a brief video of what to expect and what Badger Book is.  They will be used as poll books for the Town of Troy for all future elections.