United Fund – Town of Troy

United Fund – Town of Troy

The United Fund – Town of Troy, Inc., began in 1968.  It is a non-profit organization managed by volunteers from the Town of Troy that facilitates a yearly campaign to raise and distribute money for local human service charities.

The Annual Meeting of the United Fund – Town of Troy, Inc. will be held at 6:30 p.m. on April 19, 2022, just prior to the Troy Township Annual meeting

The Board of Directors include:  Phyllis Albert, Wally Riedel, Gene Tschumperlin, Sarah Canaday, Nicole Bradford-Albert, Ruth Nelson, John Huber and Cindy Clements.

The Board of Directors are proposing to disband the United Fund – Town of Troy, Inc. via vote at the 2022 Annual Meeting, due to aging board with health issues, the treasurer’s job requiring more technical skills and computer upgrades, etc.  What began in 1968 was in response to a community need to not have many organizations canvassing neighborhoods for funds.  Now days, there are many avenues to donate to food shelves, senior citizens groups, and all of the groups we offer grants to.

United Fund – Town of Troy Donations

Gene Tschumperlin – Treasurer

361 Deer Valley Drive

Hudson, WI 54016