Planning to Burn?

Complete a permit application at the Town Hall or Town Recycling Center during business hours.  The Town Hall is open 9am to 12:30pm Monday through Thursday.  The Recycling Center is open Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1 – 6:30pm and Saturdays from 8am to 12:30pm.

It is important to call St. Croix County Dispatch number before burning each time you burn.  If you live near the Pierce/St. Croix County line, also call the Pierce County Sheriff business number.  Both numbers are on the permit.  Most of the Troy Burning Permit Ordinance is on the backside of your burn permit.  Read and become familiar with it, especially with what permit holder duties are.

It is equally important to have the phone with you that you give to dispatch, in case a call is received by dispatch from a passerby who believes your fire is out of control or unattended.  If you do not answer your phone and report that you are monitoring the burn and it is under control, a fire truck and fire crew will arrive.  The cost for such a call is a minimum of $800.

Most cellular providers are currently dropping support for 3G. If you give dispatch a 3G cell number to reach you at, you are risking not receiving a call back from dispatch. resulting in the fire department coming out and a charge of $800 for the call.

Please take precautions when burning in the spring.  Dead winter weeds and grasses are very combustible and can get out of control quickly, especially if it is windy.

Spring is a good time to remember your obligation as a homeowner to maintain a minimum overhead clearance of 14 feet above the length and width of your driveway to allow emergency vehicles entry in the case of a fire or medical emergency. (Refer to Ordinance, Roads and Driveways, Chapter 125, 125-6 Specifications D, Driveway Clearance).

Hudson Fire has purchased a landing watercraft with a bow drop down to facilitate EMS and Fire personnel and equipment access to rivers, waterways and waterfront property, not only to extinguish a fire, but also for an emergency rescue.