Zoning Administrator

Wendy Sander

Cedar Corporation:  800-472-7372

Use the map below to determine how the property you're working with is zoned.

Zoning Map

Once you've verified how your property is zoned you should refer to the Zoning Ordinance   to determine if what you want to do is a permitted use.  If it is, you don't need to go any further.

Each of the surrounding landowners (all sides, including across the street) are notified of your request.  Along with your application you must provide the town with addressed, stamped, unsealed envelopes for each of the adjacent landowners.  Use the form letter below for this notification.  The date your application is received determines the meeting dates you will be heard at.

Letter to Adjacent Landowners

The following forms may be used to make application to the Town.  Instructions for filling the forms out are included in each packet.  Please refer to the fee schedule to determine what the applicable application fees are.  If you have any questions please call the Town Hall.

Conditional Use Permit

Sign Permit

Rezoning Application

Planned Unit Development Application

Variance Application

All Other Zoning Applications

Administrative Appeal Application

Event Plan

If you plan on applying for a change in setbacks on a lot in a platted subdivision, or a variance from the driveway ordinance, you should use the forms found under the "Land Division Forms" tab.

Zoning Complaint Form

Individuals who feel that a violation of the Zoning Ordinance exists, may file a complaint.  Submit as much supporting evidence (i.e. photos, documents, etc.) as possible in support of the complaint.