Forms and Permits

Absentee Ballot:

Vote Absentee By Mail (

Election Information – Town of Troy

Boat Launch Permit:

Cove Boat Launch – Town of Troy

Building permits:

Are required in the Town of Troy.  They are handled directly by the town's building inspector, Brian Wert.  Click the link below to be directed to his web site.

Brian Wert Inspection Agency

Building Inspector – Town of Troy

Burn Permit:

Burn permits are available at the Town Hall, as well through the link below

Burn Permit Form

Fire and EMS Services – Town of Troy

Dog Licenses:

The licensing form is available below or can be picked up at the Town of Troy Hall. It will need to be returned to the Town Hall with proof of rabies vaccination and the applicable fee by January 31 of each year.  There is an additional $ 5.00 late charge applied on applications received after April 1.  ( State Statute 174.05)

Dog License Application Form

Animal Control – Town of Troy

Event Plan:

To assist in determining how your event relates to the ordinance, please answer the following questions on an attached
1) Describe the proposed event including any public safety issues, amplified sound, access issues, and parking.
2) Provide a site plan showing the location of the event, public access, parking, temporary barricades, fencing, trash,
recycling, portable toilets, potable water, and access/exterior signs.
3) Name and owners, operators, and sponsors of all food booths and food trucks, with verification of health
4) Will wine or fermented malt beverages be sold or provided during the event? If yes, additional licenses may apply.
5) Names and addresses of all owners and residents located within 300 feet of the property line. Include notices sent to
these adjoining owners/residents.
6) Contact information for the security agency of the event.

Event Plan Application

Fireworks Permit:

Possessing or using any other fireworks, including, for example, firecrackers, roman candles, bottle rockets and mortars, in Wisconsin without a valid permit is illegal. Wis. Stat. § 167.10(3).

Fireworks Application Form

WI State Statute - Dept of Justice - fireworks advisory

Land Division Forms:

Zoning – Town of Troy

Land Use Applications, Plat Checklists, etc. are available through the above links. Please reference the following form for our current fee schedule.

Operator's license:

Required if you will be serving alcoholic beverages.  The two golf courses in town coordinate the licensing for their serving staff, but occasionally an individual will want to license themselves.  The license is an annual license and expires on June 30th.  You must complete the both of the below forms and provide proof that you've completed the Wisconsin on-line beverage server training course.  The fee is $20.00 for a first time application in Troy and $20.00 for renewals.

Town of Troy Operator's License Application

Transient Merchants and Solicitors:

It is unlawful for any transient merchant or solicitor to engage in sales activity of any kind involving goods or services in the Town of Troy without first applying for and receiving a Town permit for that purpose and having it available at all times while engaging in such activity in the Town.

Transient Merchant Sales and Solicitation Application

WI DOT No Fee Agriculture Permits:

Wisconsin Department of Transportation No fee agriculture permits (

Zoning Complaint Form:

Zoning – Town of Troy

Individuals who feel that a violation of the Zoning Ordinance exists, may file a complaint.  Submit as much supporting evidence (i.e. photos, documents, etc.) as possible in support of the complaint.