The Town of Troy is nestled between Hudson and River Falls and borders the beautiful St. Croix National Scenic River Way.  It is one of the western-most towns in St. Croix County and encompasses more than 6 miles of scenic riverway.  We’re sure you’ll be pleased with the amenities the area has to offer.  The surrounding communities offer everything from quaint local cafes to fine dining experiences; from a picnic in one of the local parks to a picnic high above the St. Croix River in a hot air balloon.

The first settler in Troy was James Chinnoch in 1850.  In that year, he raised the first crop and erected a house.  At that time, the population of St. Croix County was 624.  The Town of Troy was organized in 1851 and was first called Malone by the Perrine brothers who were early settlers from New York.  It was later renamed Troy, either in honor of Troy, New York, or ancient Troy.

The Town of Troy is proud of its agricultural tradition.  Because of this the Town has put in place a development ordinance that is aimed at protecting the rural nature of the community while allowing development of areas best suited for residential use. We’re happy to welcome you to the Town and hope you find the lifestyle to be as rich as the heritage of this area!