Election Allegations

March 26, 2024

The Town of Troy Board received a verbal complaint on the evening of March 21 that alleges that Town employees engaged in election interference targeting an individual candidate, when on the afternoon of March 21 they removed election signs from the road right of ways in the Town (as allowed by ordinance), and proactively attempted to return those signs to the adjacent property owners and/or candidates. Written details of the complaint were sent by the Candidate to the Town on the afternoon of March 22 and amended on the morning of March 23.

During the sign removal process on March 21, smaller election signs that did not require posts were moved directly to adjacent residential properties. There were 2 election signs that required mounting posts. These were proactively returned to the candidate by Town staff and reinstalled in locations outside of the road right of way within 4 hours.

Due to the nature of the candidate’s allegations, I have asked the St. Croix County Sheriff’s office to independently lead the investigation into potential targeted election interference.

There were also complaints from 2 candidates at the March 21 Town Board meeting that indicated they have had properly located campaign signs stolen. There is no reason that any legally posted campaign materials should be stolen, defaced, or destroyed. This concern will also be investigated by the St. Croix County Sheriff’s office.

I have asked all of the Town staff and Board to support the speedy conclusion of these investigations with fair and due process for the individuals involved. I would also request the same of the Candidates in this election, as well as other Town residents, if their input is requested by the Sheriff’s office.

It is deeply troubling that these types of concerns and issues are affecting the election process in our Town.

While it is incumbent upon the Candidates and their campaigns to ensure that they are following all the State and Local laws during the election cycle, it is also incumbent on the rest of the citizens to be respectful of each other and allow the free speech, discourse, reliable election processes, and due process of law which are some of the cornerstones of our United States Constitution and nation.

Further information will be made available based on the progress and outcomes of the investigations.

Once the investigations are complete, the Troy Town Board will review to determine what additional actions may be appropriate.

I appreciate the assistance of the St. Croix County Sheriff’s office in this matter.

Doug Rowen, Town Chairperson can be reached at 715-808-1372.

Attached is a link to the Town sign ordinance.

CHAPTER-170-Section-S-Signs.pdf (townoftroy.org)