Part time Recycling Center Operator: Part Time Waste/Recycling Center Operator The Town of Troy is seeking a responsible and dependable part time Waste/Recycling Center Operator.  This person would be responsible for operating and maintaining the town’s recycling center and refuse disposal facility.  Good people skills are a must.  Employees will be handling money.  Town residency is not required.  A background check will be performed. Hours will be approximately 15 hours per 2-week pay period depending on shift rotations.  Hours are Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12:45pm to 5:45pm and Saturdays from 7:45am to 12:45pm in all weather conditions. If interested, applications and job responsibilities are available at the Recycling Center, Troy Town Hall, and online at

Town of Troy

Road Hazard Reporting

The Town of Troy has approved the following process for Road Hazard Reporting.  For all road hazards please follow the process listed below.

1.  All calls go directly to St. Croix County Dispatch – (715) 386-4701

2.  St. Croix County Dispatch will contact Town of Troy Public Works Crew.  Public Works Crew will determine if others need to be contacted or assist (electric, etc.) and will make connection(s).

3.  If St. Croix County Dispatch is unable to reach Town of Troy Public Works Crew, St. Croix County Highway Department will be contacted to address the road hazard.