Seasonal Weight Restrictions – Impact on Waste Pickup

Seasonal Road Weight Restrictions

Impact on Contracted Waste Pickup Impacts

The Town of Troy has received numerous calls and emails relative to recent announcements by local curbside waste companies to temporarily suspend service within the Town of Troy.

We wanted to communicate some consistent information about the status and clarify some items that have been discussed on social media.

  • Seasonal road weight restrictions have been in place on Town roads in Troy since February 1, as they have across St. Croix County and other parts of the state.
  • This year, both Waste Management and GFL have determined that their trucks are too heavy to offer curbside pickup during the annual weight restriction period.
  • There are no weight restrictions on County Roads F, M, or U, or State Highway 35, so there should be no constraints for residents on those roads.
  • There have been no changes to the process, rules, or criteria for implementing the weight restrictions from previous years.
  • Weight restrictions apply to all vehicles using town roads (with the exceptions of propane/fuel delivery, emergency septic pumping, and power outage recovery).
  • Weight restrictions will end as soon as weather and soil conditions allow. There is no defined date.  Normally the restrictions last about 6 weeks.
  • The Town has requested plans from the both waste hauling companies that would allow them to restart service, and protect the roads from damage during this critical period.
  • The Town of Troy Recycling/Garbage Center at Chinnock Lane and Townsvalley Road is open during normal hours
    • We are reducing the loading of containers from the Recycling Center to minimize the weight/road impacts during the restrictions and have defined a 3 mile route for those trucks to protect the other 97 miles of roads in the Town.
    • We are considering extending hours at the Recycling Center to make it more convenient for additional residents.
  • The Town of Troy does not contract with any waste haulers for curbside pickup, nor does it require residents to use curbside pickup. Those services are through direct agreements between individual residents and the waste companies.
  • Communications about the status of an individual company’s service should be directed to those companies. The Town will also post communications from those companies on the Troy website if they are provided to us.
  • We are also working to identify other waste haulers that will be able to offer year round service to the Town going forward without the negative weight impacts on our roads during restricted times.
  • Additional updates will be communicated through News & Notices. Please subscribe for updates on the website.