Pemble’s Access is CLOSED: Pemble's Access is temporarily closed due to high water (per policy, if water level is 683.0MSL or greater the beach will be closed; ref:

Town of Troy

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Wed, 25 May 47°F 56°F Rain until evening.
Thu, 26 May 44°F 63°F Overcast throughout the day.
Fri, 27 May 44°F 77°F Clear throughout the day.
Sat, 28 May 54°F 76°F Mostly cloudy throughout the day.
Sun, 29 May 63°F 80°F Possible light rain in the morning.
Mon, 30 May 69°F 87°F Humid and partly cloudy throughout the day.
Tue, 31 May 68°F 91°F Partly cloudy throughout the day.
Wed, 1 Jun 57°F 85°F Possible light rain in the evening.